Author: KM

  • Clue #2

    Clue 1: Where river meets sea and mountains overlook,This beautiful town seems like it’s straight from a book. Less than half the population of Stow with six times the area, (src. Wikipedia)A place where you can find and forego the hysteria!

  • Day 2

    Dublin Day 2 For Day 2, we had plans to visit the Blarney Castle – but that didn’t happen. We got to the bus 4 minutes late and they had already left so we had to improvise. As we walked around a bit, we stopped at a Starbucks to make our plans as it had…

  • Clue #1

    Clue #1 Now that you’ve discovered my awesome new site, you can always keep tabs on the things that I like.. Today, I’ve arrived in this picturesque city, as far as the eyes can sea, the views make me giddy!

  • Day 1

    Dublin Day 1 Hey everyone- I’ve arrived safe and sound in Dublin after a long day(s) of travel. For the first full day of the trip, we took a bus day tour to the Cliff of Moher and then to the town of Galway. We had the front seats on the bus so I was…