Day 1

Dublin Day 1

Hey everyone- I’ve arrived safe and sound in Dublin after a long day(s) of travel. For the first full day of the trip, we took a bus day tour to the Cliff of Moher and then to the town of Galway. We had the front seats on the bus so I was able to really take in the views.

Front Seat on the Tour Bus

The Cliffs were incredible and I could have spent way more than the two hours we were allotted observing all the scenery.

After the Cliffs, we then headed towards our next stop at Galway but along the way stopped for some more pictures along the Iron Islands.

Then we went to a great little port city, Galway that was stuffed full of restaurants and shops. Again, we only had two hours but we had a great time walking the streets. I wouldn’t mind coming back here as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures.

So far, for food I’ve had some seafood clam chowder, and fried cod while sampling Hershall’s Beef & Guinness Stew. I’m hoping to try more authentic Irish food but it’s not too abundant. Thinking I need to find some local pubs if I want to go this route. But everyone has Guinness so at least I’ve been able to have a couple pints.

Overall, all the Locals have been very friendly and welcoming. I’m looking forward to Day 2 which entails another bus tour to the Blarney Castle among some other stops. ‘Til then, slán!






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