Day 2

Dublin Day 2

For Day 2, we had plans to visit the Blarney Castle – but that didn’t happen. We got to the bus 4 minutes late and they had already left so we had to improvise. As we walked around a bit, we stopped at a Starbucks to make our plans as it had started raining. While we enjoyed our coffee’s, Ashley started not feeling too well so she ended up going back to the hotel. From there, Hershall, Oliver and I got some umbrellas and started exploring. We weren’t able to see too much as most places were still closed with it being early or they were randomly closed for the day. So we just kept walking a while and observed some of the architecture as best as we could.

After a while, Oliver was getting tired of walking so we went back to the hotel. After a quick break Hershall and I stopped by the mall near our hotel, got some grub and went to see the new Mission Impossible movie in IMAX.

After the movie, we went back to the room and then out to dinner at a local Kurdish restaurant where I got some kebabs with naan which were excellent, so I got seconds.

So today was kind of a dud but I was completely content with it as I’m still not sleeping regularly. It doesn’t help that the sun is currently rising around 5am and setting around 10pm!

View from window @ 9:50 pm

Tomorrow, we head to London for a night before meeting up with Clairissa and the rest of the wedding party. Happy Birthday to Sienna!!!






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